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June 3, 2018
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June 3, 2018
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MSA Air Purifying


MSA Advantage® 200LS and 3200 Respirators

The Advantage 200 LS is a comfortable, efficient and economic half mask. It is ideal for applications where workers are exposed to various hazards from job to job, such as high concentrations of fumes, mists and gases.
With its patented MultiFlex system the Advantage 200 LS offers maximum protection and high wearing comfort. The soft, pliable combination of rubber and plastic provides a customised and pressure-free fit, instantly conforming to the wearer’s unique facial characteristics.
The Advantage 200 LS comes in three sizes and has a complete and exclusive filter programme to protect against harmful particles and/or gases.

As the newest generation of full-face respirators, the Advantage 3200 Respirator sets new standards for comfort and versatility. No matter where your job site is located, you’ll be able to see and feel the benefits of the Advantage 3200 Respirator.

The Advantage 3200 full-face mask is the perfect complement to the Advantage 200 LS. Its fit technology is based on the industry-proven face seal of the MSA Ultra Elite® Facepiece, which is based on facial measurement data from more than 8,000 people. The Advantage 3200 Respirator enhances worker performance because a new design allows even lower breathing resistance and includes a nose cup that reduces fogging in low temperatures or high-humidity conditions. In addition, the facepiece lens has been engineered to be optically correct, giving you superior visibility and peripheral vision. The wraparound scratch-resistant polycarbonate face piece lens provides a wide distortion-free field of vision. The lens meets all requirements of ANSI Z87.1 including the high-impact performance requirements. It exceeds requirements for haze, prism, and power, while eliminating distortion.

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